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Juneng lean production promotion project launch meeting

Juneng lean production promotion project launch meeting



Lean production promotion project kick-off meeting

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In order to meet the needs of Juneng's operation and management, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of employees, and realize lean production, after research and decision, the company established a lean production promotion project team on February 20, 2023.

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The kick-off meeting determined the leading group and promotion group of the lean production promotion project team. The promotion group is led by Zhang Pingan, the deputy general manager of the company, and is responsible for the production process of the workshop. Time study, motion study, do a good job Lean operation process analysis, balance analysis, monitoring and re-enactment JIT management plan, do a good job Lean logistics analysis, inventory management, lean production cost analysis, Optimize business processes and formulate management systems for production, logistics, and warehouses.

Chairman's summary

The project team set up at this kick-off meeting will focus on the "high efficiency, high lean, low cost, and low intensity" two high and two low work goals, requiring the company's leading cadres to attach great importance to the lean production promotion project, and all employees to participate in the implementation of the project promotion plan .

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