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On-site 100-day promotion results conference

On-site 100-day promotion results conference


On-site 100-day promotion

Results release conference

project review


Project begining



In order to meet the needs of Juneng's operation and management, improve labor efficiency and reduce labor intensity of employees, the company launched the "100-day on-site improvement project" on October 25, 2022, centering on the two principles of "high efficiency, high leanness, low intensity, and low energy consumption" High and low work goals, set up project team members, and formulate promotion plans.


On-site promotion process

Comparison before and after rectification


The on-site 100-day improvement project carried out a total of 7 inspections during the overall project, and 126 different issues were audited, including 111 items for rectification and 15 items for safety. The company's on-site regional division of labor is divided into people, there are no dead ends on all sides, and the system Formulate and publish on-site management measures.


Release of project results



The on-site improvement project released by the Power Division won the first prize


Plasticization Division Posted Field Improvement Projects won the second prize



Motorcycle Division Posted Field Improvement Projects won the third prize




next step

Consolidate and improve

In order to consolidate and improve the results of on-site improvement, the company has taken the production site and office site as daily work items from March, organized 2-4 inspections per month, and notified the inspection results, and the business leaders will undertake KPI indicators in accordance with the principle of territorial management .


On-site improvement is only the beginning, not the end. We must persist in the continuous implementation and refinement of the existing improvement results, and penetrate into everyone's behavior habits to lay a solid foundation for the next step of on-site lean production.


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