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Advantages of electric motorcycles

Advantages of electric motorcycles

1. Electric is very trendy
Riding an electric motorcycle now seems to have greater added value than a general gasoline motorcycle. It seems that the owner cares about the earth, loves green energy, and limits their carbon footprint. In addition, the cost of using electricity for electric vehicles is far lower than that of using gasoline, so it is less affected by fluctuations in international oil prices.
2. Low maintenance cost
Basically, electric motorcycles do not require much maintenance. Compared with ordinary traditional motorcycles, they are much less. The most common wear and tear should only be the tires and brakes.
3. Large torque output
Most of the electric motorcycles are not very fast, but relying on the output characteristics of the electric motor, even the electric motorcycles of the Amao and Agou brands have a very good torque output, and they can follow the rotation, which is quite powerful. If the budget is not a problem, electric motorcycles also have high-quality products from Italy. For example, the Energica Ego has the strength to exceed 240km/h, and the acceleration and tail speed are also fast.
4. Quiet
If you believe in the saying Loud pipes save lives, you won't like a motorcycle that runs quietly and silently. However, some people like to be noisy, and some people like to be quiet. The characteristic of electric motorcycles is that there is no noise when running. Compared with the 80db volume of ordinary gasoline engine motorcycles, electric motorcycles can basically only be regarded as background running sound.
5. Easy to navigate
Electric motorcycles basically do not need to shift gears. They are basically a scooter with a lot of torque. No matter whether the vehicle shape is an off-road imitation or a retro car, as long as the person who can ride a bicycle should have no problem.

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