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Can motorcycle gasoline be mixed

Can motorcycle gasoline be mixed

Motorcycle gasoline should not be mixed. Different grades of gasoline should not be mixed. The main difference between No. 92 gasoline and No. 95 gasoline is the difference in octane number. In layman's terms, the anti-knock agent added is different. The proportion of anti-knock agent added to No. 95 gasoline is higher than that of No. 92 gasoline. slightly more. The quality of the two kinds of gasoline is exactly the same, and it has nothing to do with cleanliness. The only difference is that the amount of antiknock agent added is different, which is designed to adapt to the different requirements for anti-knock value of engines with different compression ratios.
Although the chemical composition of No. 92 gasoline and No. 95 gasoline are similar in various aspects, there is generally no major problem between the two; but in order to ensure vehicle safety, strictly speaking, they should be used separately. What we need to pay attention to is that there are clear regulations on the addition of fuel before the motorcycle leaves the factory. If your car is stipulated to add higher grade oil and accidentally add low grade oil, the engine will produce knock, power drop, and water temperature rise. , accompanied by metal percussion and other problems when working.

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