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Characteristics and development trend of electric scooter industry

Characteristics and development trend of electric scooter industry

Electric scooters started abroad. At the beginning of the market, due to the high price and unclear positioning, the development has been in a tepid state. In recent years, thanks to the repositioning of electric scooters by domestic entrepreneurs, which are widely used for short-distance travel, leisure and entertainment and other purposes, electric scooters have ushered in rapid development.
At present, most of the domestic electric scooter manufacturers, except for a few companies with strong comprehensive strength, can independently develop products, most of them use a whole set of purchased parts to assemble the whole vehicle and then sell it under the brand name. These companies have weak technical strength and are not familiar with the requirements of key components (especially batteries and control motherboards). They simply assemble various functional modules, resulting in poor system compatibility of the whole vehicle, and product quality cannot be guaranteed. Many electric scooters are even equipped with saddles. seat, instead of electric bicycles as means of transportation.
With the introduction of relevant access standards for electric scooters in Europe and the United States, such as UL certification in the United States and CE certification in the European Union, it has effectively prevented low-end fake and inferior products from entering the market, making some enterprises with small production scale and poor product quality. Gradually fade out of the market, forcing production enterprises to invest manpower and material resources, increase research and development efforts, ensure that products comply with relevant laws and regulations, improve the business environment of the industry, and electric scooters have begun to enter an orderly development stage.
Riding electric scooters consumes less physical strength and is flexible, which can meet people's short-distance travel needs. It not only solves the problem of people's "last mile" travel, but also provides people with a different kind of leisure and entertainment to some extent. Way. In addition, electric scooters use lithium batteries as power, which is in line with the policy direction of green, environmental protection and low-carbon countries in the world. Due to the strong skateboard culture in European and American countries, and the popular shared scooter trend in the United States and Europe in recent years, people's awareness of electric scooters has gradually increased, which is more conducive to the further promotion of electric scooters. The shared electric scooter business is favored by consumers in the United States and Europe, resulting in rapid market growth. According to NHTS statistics, short-distance shared travel less than 5 miles accounts for about 60% of Americans' travel needs, mainly including shared bicycles, Electric scooters and electric scooters, the global electric scooter market capacity is expected to further increase in the future.

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