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Do electric scooter wheels need oil?

Do electric scooter wheels need oil?

Electric scooters need to be oiled, and there are four judgments:
First, in the non-braking state and when there is no problem with the rear brake, set up the ladder of the electric vehicle and turn the wheels by hand. If it does not stop slowly after a few turns, it means that the friction of the axle is too large and needs to be lubricated and oiled.
Second, in the case of little climate change, and the output voltage tested with a multimeter is significantly higher than the rated voltage, and the cruising range is significantly shortened, please lubricate the axles of the rear wheels and even the front wheels.
Third, the rear axle of the tram is covered with a lot of dust. Please refuel and lubricate after dusting.
Fourth, the rear axle is wrapped with plastic bags, iron wires, ropes and other things, and it is cleaned and lubricated.

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