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Electric scooter charging precautions

1. When charging, the charger will generate heat, and the battery will also generate heat. You should choose a good ventilation environment. If the ventilation conditions are too poor, it may cause short-circuit combustion due to overheating.
2. When the charger is carried with the vehicle, there is no shock protection. Long-term vehicle bumps will cause the power device to be de-soldered, and it will catch fire and burn during work. It is recommended that the charger should not be carried in the car.
3. After the charger is dropped or collided, the fan is easy to be damaged. When charging, you should observe whether the cooling fan of the charger is running normally. If the fan is broken, you should repair or replace the new charger in time.
4. The charging time is 8-10 hours. Do not charge the electric vehicle for a long time. Especially in the hot summer, when charging for a long time, the heat of the charger is difficult to dissipate and cause combustion.
5. When charging, lengthen the power cord at will, often pulling it around, the connector is loose, the line is aging, and the wire rubber is damaged and short-circuited and caught on fire.
6. When charging, the electric door lock must be closed. If the voltage of the rechargeable battery is increased when the electric door lock is turned on, the electric door lock will be burned out, causing a short circuit and fire.
7. When charging, a qualified flame retardant wire should be selected, and the circuit has a leakage protection device.

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