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How often to maintain a motorcycle

How often to maintain a motorcycle

Most ordinary motorcycles need to be maintained every 3,000 kilometers. It is recommended that you maintain your car on time when you use the car, which can effectively prolong the service life of the motorcycle and keep the motorcycle in good condition.
In fact, maintenance is not as complicated as everyone thinks. Maintenance is mainly about replacing oil and wearing parts. For motorcycles, the most important oil is motor oil. Oil is called the blood of the engine, and if there is no oil in the engine, the engine cannot function properly. Oil not only plays a lubricating role in the engine, but also plays the role of cleaning, sealing, buffering, rust prevention and heat dissipation. The performance of the oil will deteriorate over time, so the oil needs to be changed regularly.
If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will increase the wear of the engine. Replace the oil filter with each oil change. The oil filter is used to filter the oil. If there is no oil filter, the oil will be dirty after a period of use, which will also affect the normal lubrication of the engine.
When buying engine oil, be sure to choose the type of engine oil that suits your motorcycle engine, and when buying oil filter elements, be sure to choose genuine products from big brands. Don't be greedy to buy some inferior oil filter elements for cheap, long-term use of inferior filter elements will also increase the wear of the engine.

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