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How to choose the configuration when buying an electric motorcycle?

How to choose the configuration when buying an electric motorcycle?

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of manufacturing level, the development of electric motorcycles has accelerated, but at the same time, many users have encountered such a problem when purchasing electric motorcycles, that is, they do not know how to choose the configuration. In fact, if you want to judge the quality of electric motorcycles, you only need to look at the following 5 places.
1. Motor brand and power
As an electric motorcycle, in order to ensure its excellent power, high-quality electric motorcycles will use brand motors, and their general power is above 1000W, and models equipped with such motors generally have more explosive power and better acceleration. Inferior electric motorcycles will use some low-power motors of no-name brands, and such motors will be relatively underpowered. Therefore, for users, they can first check the motor brand and power to judge the pros and cons.
2. Battery brand and model
Generally speaking, although electric motorcycles have more power, they will consume more power than ordinary electric motorcycles. Therefore, for high-quality electric motorcycles, it is better to be equipped with larger batteries. Generally speaking, 72V and above can be selected. Larger size battery. In addition, for high-quality electric motorcycles, the capacity is preferably greater than 20Ah. Of course, high-quality electric motorcycles will also use big brand batteries. Therefore, for users, it is also necessary to check the brand and model of the battery to judge the pros and cons.
3. Brake configuration
In addition, the third place to look is the brake configuration. Generally speaking, high-quality electric motorcycles are at least equipped with front disc and rear drum configuration, or even front and rear double disc brakes, so as to ensure more stable braking performance of the vehicle. In order to save costs, inferior electric motorcycles usually use the configuration of front and rear double drum brakes. Therefore, by looking at the brake configuration. to judge the pros and cons of the vehicle.
4. Vehicle tires
The fourth place to look is the vehicle tires. For high-quality electric motorcycles, the tires used are vacuum tires or even steel tires, which are not easy to slip and have better explosion-proof performance. Low-quality electric motorcycles only use ordinary tires. Although they can meet daily travel requirements, in emergency situations, risks such as slippage are prone to occur. Therefore, the pros and cons of the vehicle can also be judged by observing the tires of the vehicle.
5. Lighting system
Finally, the place to look is the vehicle lights. For high-quality electric motorcycles, high-brightness lens headlights are generally used, and this type of light has a longer irradiation distance and better light-gathering ability. For low-quality electric motorcycles, such models will only use ordinary headlights, which are not only bright enough, but also have poorer spotlight performance. Therefore, the pros and cons of the vehicle can also be judged by looking at the headlights of the vehicle.
In short, when buying an electric motorcycle, you can check the five places of electric vehicle motor brand and power, battery brand and model, brake configuration, vehicle tires, and lighting system. Generally speaking, if all are satisfied, it means that the vehicle is a high-quality electric motorcycle.

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