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How to clean the electric scooter?

Cleaning method of electric scooter:
When there is dust on our electric vehicle, we should scrub it frequently. When we scrub the electric vehicle, we should not splash water on it, because there are many circuits in the electric vehicle. If the circuit is wet, it will affect the use of the electric vehicle. The electric vehicle may be damaged.
If the water source in our home is not convenient, we can drive the electric vehicle to the nearby river or pond. When we go there, we'd better bring a basin and a rag, park the vehicle on the path by the river, and then use the basin water to scrub the electric vehicle. When we wash the electric car, we need to use a rag to wring it half dry and then slowly scrub the electric car. We can wring it with a wet rag first and then scrub the whole body of the electric car. Change more pots of water in dirty places and scrub it slowly and patiently.
When cleaning the electric vehicle, we should pay special attention not to wet the electric vehicle circuit. As long as there is a circuit, we'd better not touch water. We should also clean the wheels, because if the metal ring of the tire is stained with dust for a long time, it is easy to rust. Especially after the rain, the metal is coated with a thick layer of soil, which is not conducive to the evaporation of water. We'd better clean the mud on it to avoid rusting.
Especially in the lower part of the electric vehicle, there are a lot of dust and dirt. We need to use a rag to slowly soften the lumped soil and dust, and then remove the mud and dust. Be careful not to damage the parts of the electric vehicle. Do not use sharp tools to poke and scrape the dust on the electric vehicle. Use a water rag to slowly scrub.

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