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How to maintain motorcycle engine?

In order to adapt to a variety of speeds, the motorcycle must change the speed from time to time to avoid full-throttle operation. The engine oil needs to be changed once within 300 kilometers, and the special oil for motorcycles should be replaced once every 1000-2000 kilometers.
Regular replacement of lubricating oil: After the engine has been working for a period of time, firstly, metal filings between the parts are mixed in the lubricating oil; secondly, the lubricating oil is oxidized and deteriorated due to heating; thirdly, carbon deposits are generated by combustion; fourthly, dust and sundries in the air invade in lubricating oil. In this way, not only the lubricating performance of the lubricating oil decreases, but also the wear between parts will be caused. Therefore, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly, and the new oil should be replaced when the engine is hot, so that the old oil in the engine can be completely drained.

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