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Precautions for maintenance and modification of electric vehicles

Electric vehicle maintenance precautions:
1. After the electric vehicle is repaired, be sure to connect the controller, power cable, motor cable, and bundle all the wiring harnesses with nylon cable ties to ensure that the plugs are not loose.
2. The electric vehicle cannot be handed over to a maintenance worker who has no maintenance experience.
It is not allowed to modify or install the whole vehicle line without permission:
1. Businesses or users modify the whole vehicle line without permission. The modified lines and wires are not flame-retardant, the lines are disordered, the dressing is not tight, the joints are easy to loosen, the contact is poor, the internal resistance of the wires increases, and the wires will be roasted for a long time, resulting in poor insulation. cause short-circuit combustion.
2. Merchants or users install the whole vehicle circuit without permission, such as adding high-power bulbs, speakers, subwoofers, etc., which increases the output load of the converter, which is easy to burn out the internal components of the converter, resulting in short-circuit combustion.

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