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What should I pay attention to when buying an electric motorcycle?

What should I pay attention to when buying an electric motorcycle?

1. The battery of the electric motorcycle depends on the battery life, not the official propaganda data. There will be some moisture, just look at the battery parameters. 48V12AH is about 30 kilometers, 48V24AH, conservative 60 kilometers of battery life, and so on. The premise of this data is that an ordinary new national standard model has a vehicle weight of about 55 kg, a 350-400W motor, normal road conditions, a temperature above 0 degrees Celsius, and the body of the vehicle is normal, driving habits are normal, and tire pressure is normal (some people do not know the tires themselves. If you are out of air, you still drive there. If you are out of air, the tire will be flat. The area of ​​contact with the ground will increase, and the friction will naturally increase. The electrical loss caused by the resistance is also obvious. It is equivalent to running with a pack of bricks on your back. Can that go far).
2. Specify your location, such as in a city, if you want to get a license, buy a new national standard car, and a car that exceeds the standard cannot be licensed.
3. The better models are equipped with tubeless tires, front discs and rear drum brakes, 400W brushless motors, and large-capacity lithium batteries.
4. The shelf life is very important. The characteristics of the accessories of electric vehicles determine that the shelf life of different accessories of the same vehicle is different, focusing on the motor and battery.
5. Lithium batteries are preferred, with long service life, high power density ratio, and longer battery life.
6. All batteries will be attenuated at low temperature, so when you buy a car, the battery configuration should be considered at a higher level. For example, if you go back and forth for 30 kilometers, it is best to buy a model with 48V20AH or above, so that even if it is attenuated in winter, it can meet your mileage. .
7. I don’t mean to blindly look at big brands, but the supply chain of big brands is relatively stable, there are many stores, and after-sales are more convenient.
8. The best solution is to do more homework by yourself, watch the car for a test drive offline, compare prices online, negotiate with the store owner to get the same price online, and prevent the boss from changing the prince, the key is the battery Don't be replaced with a maintenance battery. The most important thing on the battery is to check the date of manufacture. There are also merchants who polish and fake it. Note that there are no grinding marks on the date, and the time is relatively new, preferably within 1 year.
9. Supplementary update: a small problem reported by many friends. After the new car was bought, the brakes made a "silky" noise. I thought it was a problem with the quality of the car. It was the same for my own car for a few days. This is really nothing. The problem, the brakes of the new car will be fine after a few days of running in, so don't worry too much.

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