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Bravo Gasoline scooter
  • Bravo Gasoline scooter
  • Bravo Gasoline scooter
  • Bravo Gasoline scooter
  • Bravo Gasoline scooter
  • Bravo Gasoline scooter
  • Bravo Gasoline scooter
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    The iron cylinder runs away the muffler, which is elegant and elegant without losing its personality; all made of 409 stainless steel, it will never rust.
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    Using a magnetic anti-theft lock, one key can open the main car switch, steering lock, seat lock, tail box lock, and gas lock; it comes with USB charging, so you will no longer be afraid of the trouble of running out of electricity when you go out.
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    The newly developed twelve-rib aluminum wheel is beautiful and has a strong sense of technology. Deep pattern tread, stronger grip; tubeless tire design, even if the tire is punctured, it will not immediately deflate or blow out, making it safer and more worry-free.
  • Italian Fur Caterpillar Saddle

    High resilience stitched lychee leather seat cushion, non-slip, strong resilience, long-term riding without deformation. The seat cushion is extended to 680MM, so even a family of three will not feel crowded.

  • Oversized seat bucket can hold more

    The oversized seat bucket has a flat storage space and high space utilization. With the front hook, it is easy to store helmets and daily necessities.

  • Iron tube running muffler, elegant atmosphere

  • LED headlights

    Retro and stylish round headlight design, equipped with bright and eye-catching LED turn signals, like a sky full of stars, more recognizable.

  • LED rear tail lights

    The rear taillights and turn signals are composed of several LED bulbs, which are like rubies, dazzling and noble. LED lights are not only beautiful, but also improve the recognition, making it brighter and safer to drive at night.

  • The front fuel port is more convenient

    Not only is it convenient to refuel, but it also saves space in the bucket.

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"Bravo", originated from the spirit of fashion innovation in Paris, France, has an irresistible retro style, and has the unique charm of elegance and fashion. The elegant curvilinear shape of "Bravo" is highlighted by chrome trims and elegant LED lamps. One glance at her will make you feel in love at first sight.

Name: Bravo

project 50cc 125cc 150cc
Dimensions 1780×650×1120 1780×650×1120 1780×650×1120
wheelbase 1260 1260 1260
Ground clearance 110 120 120
net weight 97 105 105
load 75 150 150
top speed ≤45 ≤80 ≤85
Economic fuel consumption ≤1.9 ≤2.8 ≤2.8
Braking method (front and rear) front disc rear drum front disc rear drum front disc rear drum
Brake disc diameter 180 180 180
Brake drum diameter 110 110 110
Tire size (front and rear)
Fuel tank capacity 6.8L/6.6L 6.8L/6.6L 6.8L/6.6L
Battery Specifications 12V 7Ah 12V 7Ah 12V 7Ah
Bore*stroke 39.0×41.4 52.4×57.8 57.4×57.8
Maximum power 2.2/7500 5.2/7500 5.8/7000
maximum torque 2.8/5500 7.6/6000 8.3/6000
compression ratio 10.4:1 9.2:1 10.3:1
cooling method air cooling air cooling air cooling
Lubrication method splash splash splash
transfer method Infinitely variable speed Infinitely variable speed Infinitely variable speed
Start method Foot start/electric start Foot start/electric start Foot start/electric start
Oil supply method CDI/ECU CDI/ECU CDI/ECU

Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd.

  • More than
    Founded In 2005

    Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005

  • Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd.
  • More than
    More than 30 countries

    More than 30 countries and regions overseas

Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. is a China OEM Bravo Gasoline scooter Suppliers and ODM Bravo Gasoline scooter company, It is located in Taizhou Economic Development Zone, which enjoys the reputation of "Shanhai Water City, Harmony Holy Land, and Manufacturing Capital". It has obtained the national first-class motorcycle and electric vehicle production qualification and passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. A comprehensive enterprise approved by the Announcement Catalog that specializes in the production, research and development, and sales of motorcycles, electric vehicles, and engines.

The company consists of a motorcycle division, a new energy locomotive division, a power division, a plasticization division, and a product research and development center. So far, it has a plant area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, a fixed asset investment of about 315 million yuan, an annual output of 300,000 units of various types of vehicles, 400,000 units of motorcycle engines/ATV engines, and motorcycle/electric vehicle tail box plastics. The production capacity of 5 million sets.

The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of mid-to-high-end scooters and engines. The products cover five series of retro, sports, cruise, EFI, and new energy electric vehicles, totaling more than 60 models. The company's products have passed European EEC, US EPA, and Chinese countries. Product compulsory 3C and a series of certifications, and took the lead in obtaining the first domestic scooter Euro IV-EEC certification. The sales network covers all parts of the country. The products are also exported to the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Dominica, Malaysia, Australia More than 30 countries and regions overseas.

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