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Motorcycle oil change maintenance

I believe that many small partners are more interested in how to maintain motorcycles and change the oil by yourself. How to maintain motorcycles and change the oil by yourself is shared with you, hoping to help everyone.
1. Put the basin under the engine of the motorcycle. The purpose is to keep the waste oil and other garbage from soiling the ground.
2. Find the location of the engine oil injection hole. 110 motorcycles have to remove two screws from the case.
3. Find the location of the engine oil injection hole. Loosen the oil plug screw with your hand or tool, pay attention to light force, it is made of plastic.
4. Check the concentration, color and turbidity of the oil.
5. Use a Torx wrench to remove the oil plug screw. The purpose is to drain the cloudy oil. Such oil is kept in other containers and can lubricate the chain. You can shake the body lightly to drain all the waste oil. Then screw on the bottom oil plug screw.
6. Slowly inject new oil into the oil hole. Pay attention to the position of the oil mark. After you can inject some, dry the oil plug, put the oil plug into the oil hole, and check the depth of the oil.
7. This completes the oil change and achieves the purpose of maintaining the engine. Then install the removed parts.

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