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Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005, It is a China long journey cruiser scooter manufacturers, which has obtained the national first-class motorcycle and electric vehicle production qualifications and has passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. We specialize in wholesale long journey cruiser scooter, etc., and continue to implement the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14004 environmental management system. With continuous innovation, more than 20 products have obtained national patents. As a professional long journey cruiser scooter factory, so far, it has a plant area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, a fixed asset investment of about 315 million yuan, an annual output of 300,000 vehicles of various types, 400,000 motorcycle engines/ATV engines, motorcycles / Electric car trunk plastic. The annual production capacity is 5 million sets. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of mid-to-high-end scooters and engines. The products cover five series of retro, sports, cruise, EFI, and new energy electric vehicles, with a total of more than 60 models. The company's products have passed European EEC, American EPA, and Chinese countries. Product compulsory 3C and a series of certifications, and took the lead in obtaining the first domestic scooter Euro IV-EEC certification. The sales network covers all parts of the country. The products are also exported to the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Dominica, Malaysia, Australia More than 30 countries and regions overseas.



Industry Knowledge

A long journey scooter is a type of motorized scooter designed for traveling long distances on roads and highways. These scooters typically have larger engines and fuel tanks than typical city or commuter scooters, and they often have more comfortable seats and features designed for long-distance travel, such as windshields and storage compartments.
Long journey scooters are popular among riders who want to take extended trips on the open road, as they offer a fuel-efficient and relatively affordable way to travel long distances while enjoying the sights and sounds of the journey. Some popular models of long journey scooters include the Yamaha TMAX, Suzuki Burgman, and Honda Forza.
Long journey scooters are designed with several characteristics that make them ideal for traveling long distances on roads and highways. Some of these characteristics include:
Comfort: Long journey scooters typically have comfortable seats and ergonomic designs to reduce rider fatigue during long rides. They may also have adjustable windshields and footrests to accommodate riders of different sizes and preferences.
Storage: Long journey scooters often have ample storage compartments to carry luggage and other items needed for extended trips. Some models may have top cases, under-seat storage, and other features to accommodate larger items.
Engine size: Long journey scooters usually have larger engines than typical city or commuter scooters, which provides more power and better acceleration for highway riding. They may also have larger fuel tanks to allow for longer rides between fill-ups.
Stability: Long journey scooters are designed to be stable and easy to handle at high speeds, which is important for long rides on highways and other open roads. They may have larger wheels, wider frames, and other features to enhance stability and handling.
Safety: Long journey scooters may have advanced safety features, such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, and other systems to help prevent accidents and keep riders safe on the road. They may also have larger headlights and other lighting features to improve visibility in low-light conditions.
There are several benefits to owning and riding a long journey scooter:
Fuel efficiency: Long journey scooters are designed with fuel efficiency in mind, which means they can go farther on a single tank of gas than most cars or larger motorcycles. This makes them a cost-effective way to travel long distances.
Easy to maneuver: Scooters are generally lightweight and easy to handle, making them ideal for navigating through traffic and other tight spaces. This can make it easier to get around in crowded urban areas, as well as on open highways.
Low maintenance costs: Scooters require relatively little maintenance compared to cars and larger motorcycles, which can save owners money on repair and maintenance costs over time.
Eco-friendly: Long journey scooters produce fewer emissions than cars and larger motorcycles, which can help reduce your carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable way of traveling.
Adventure and freedom: Riding a long journey scooter can be a fun and adventurous way to explore new places and experience the open road. It can provide a sense of freedom and independence that is hard to replicate with other modes of transportation.
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